92: “It’ll be okay”

Alison, one of Suze and Karl’s friends from Vancouver, was coming to visit for a week. She was going to stay with Karl, on his couch, since it would be far cheaper for her as opposed to staying at a hotel. Suze could appreciate a bargain. Plus, she really didn’t have the room for Alison […]

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88: “She’s like a hobbit”

The ceremony was beautiful. Priscilla had to hold her own bouquet and Bernie’s at the same time for most of it. Bernie’s bouquet was so large and so heavy that Priscilla’s arms started to shake part way through the vows. When she went to sign the marriage certificate, she passed both bouquets over to Tallulah […]

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86: “Like Beetlejuice”

Bernie and Lawrence’s rehearsal dinner was the Friday before their wedding. Ye went to the rehearsal because Gene had to be there as one of the groomsmen. It was a remarkably good-looking bridal party, aside from Keith. Keith wasn’t an ugly man by any means, but Ye knew what kind of person he was and […]

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