86: “Little buddy?”

Miles’ closest friend and roommate from university, Kyle Kempler, was moving to Roehampton for work. Miles was very excited about this. He and Kyle had been very close throughout university and Miles was looking forward to having him around again so that they could hang out. Miles’ other friends, Oscar included, were less pleased about […]

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84: “You eat too many avocados”

Melly and David’s party turned even wilder once Danielle and Taylor had arrived. Iggy assumed that it was just everyone’s desperate bid to pretend nothing out of the ordinary was happening. It involved a significant increase in alcohol consumption. Jake led the charge. He flew out of David and Melly’s tiny den on a mission, […]

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81: “Hey, buddy”

In some bizarre twist of fate that Helen couldn’t even begin to explain, she had found herself trapped in Melly and David’s minuscule den with a very upset Jake. At least Carey was there as well. On the other hand, the den was really small and the three of them were having a hard time […]

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80: “Alcoholism?”

Dick had chosen to attend Finch’s birthday party rather than David and Melly’s New Year’s party. When he’d told David, via Facebook message, that he wouldn’t be able to attend, David had attempted to bribe him into coming by telling him there would be chilli. Dick, who was fairly certain there would be chilli at […]

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