42: “What are you, a nun?”

Helen managed to get herself a job. It had taken an unbelievable amount of time, during which she had interviewed all over with the strangest people for the worst jobs. Initially, she had been quite selective, only applying to jobs in her field or things that genuinely interested her. By the end, she had been […]

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41: “What a way to go”

Miles hated his and Iggy’s upstairs neighbours. They had a very tumultuous relationship. They would get into screaming matches every other night, which were immediately followed by incredibly loud make-up sex. On the nights that they weren’t hurling verbal abuse at one another at an incredible volume, they were having even longer, more drawn-out, boring […]

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40: “Sports bra emergency”

Jemima had been taking yoga for a couple weeks, each time setting her mat down next to Sylvie’s in the very front row. On the plus side, she felt she was improving so she no longer needed to feel self-conscious being up at the front of the class. “I’m getting much better,” she said enthusiastically […]

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36: “Boys are stupid”

Bobby’s ex-boyfriend and potential future boyfriend Will had gotten a job tending bar at a gross club all the students went to. He was only working there to fill some of his time. He’d gotten a pension from the navy, but he wasn’t one to sit around and do nothing. As such, he had begun […]

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