I listen to music whenever I write. Sometimes, I get sucked into a writing vortex, leave my iTunes on shuffle, and end up having Shakira’s “She Wolf” and “Colours of the Wind” on the same Recently Played playlist for weeks (I won’t lie, “Colours of the Wind is almost always on my Recently Played. Truthfully, it’s more shocking when it isn’t). Sometimes I have specific playlists for specific moods or specific characters. Below, I’ve compiled a few here on my Spotify account so that you can listen to the same things I’m listening to!

Robin’s Hamptons Rock – the stuff university boys and dudes with longboards and a beanie collection listen to

Oscar’s Break-Up Playlist – so you can be sad while he’s sad

The Roehampton Chronicle Masterlist – all the important songs

The Cherry Sisters – some alt-rock for some bad ass sisters

Birdsongs – some alt-rock, Valentine’s Day love

Thin Fat Elvis – listen to this and think of Noel

Sybil’s Stuff – the music that Sybil jams to

Jemima! – Jemima’s a fun person! Here’s some fun music!

The Gord Sr. Mixtape songs from the mixtape stuck in Gord’s inherited Oldsmobile

Bear some gentle folk to soothe your gentle soul

Bernie Wu! some fun jams

Astrid for when you want to do tarot readings and you also want to be real gloomy about it