66: “So I don’t like my job”

Suze and Sybil convinced Ye to come to jazzercise with them. At least, Suze was prepared to take the credit, as she had been inviting Ye to jazzercise for approximately a year, but Ye only really went because Jessie finally asked her to come. “Which is ridiculous because it’s my friend that runs it,” Sybil […]

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21: “Plants are stupid”

Since moving back to Roehampton, Ye had applied to hundreds of jobs with very little success. Technically, she’d had no success because she still didn’t have a job, but Suze liked to tell her that getting job interviews was at least some kind of success. “It isn’t,” Chris told Ye once, shaking his head directly […]

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81: “God, this is depressing”

Ye’s birthday was on July 18th. She was turning twenty-seven. She was in a rather transitional period of her life for this particular birthday so she wasn’t quite certain about how things were going to turn out. At her last birthday party, she had rented a bar, which had been full of people there to […]

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