80: “May I speak freely?”

They were three days into their trip and Ye had spent a great deal of it trying to keep Bo and Gene separate from one another. She had been doing this primarily by foisting her brother off on unsuspecting people. She had enough decency not to do that to Jessie, as it was her birthday […]

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75: “Who reads to blind dogs?”

Ye was feeling pretty settled about things in March. Her exercise business with Priscilla and Jessie was going well, despite the fact that they all still had to work other jobs to support themselves. They weren’t quite ready to take that final leap of faith into running their business full-time. Their liability insurance was so […]

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36: “Not everything is about you”

Much to Ye’s dismay, her younger brother Bo kept coming to her running group. He had even started taking Saturday morning yoga, which she had strongly encouraged for all her running group members, partially to make more money, but also because the gentle stretching and strengthening excises would only improve their fitness levels. Now that […]

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95: “I have gorilla arms”

Ye was at Bernie and Lawrence’s New Year’s party. Earlier in the evening, she’d been hanging out with Gene and Jessie, but she and Jessie had since moved on to Bernie’s friend Erin, whose volleyball team Jessie had recently joined. She’d come to the party on her own and was, as she had declared, looking […]

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66: “So I don’t like my job”

Suze and Sybil convinced Ye to come to jazzercise with them. At least, Suze was prepared to take the credit, as she had been inviting Ye to jazzercise for approximately a year, but Ye only really went because Jessie finally asked her to come. “Which is ridiculous because it’s my friend that runs it,” Sybil […]

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