67: “There was some swooping”

Over the previous few weeks, Bobby had begun to notice that she saw a lot more of Gord’s ex-girlfriend Janine than she realized. She wasn’t sure if it had always been that way and she’d simply never noticed or if there had been a sudden increase in sightings in recent history. Either way, it was […]

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65: “I can’t wear a bolo tie”

Bernie had developed an eye twitch. She’d looked it up online and had come to the conclusion that it was from stress. That made the most sense because Bernie was incredibly stressed. “It’s the wedding,” she explained to Lawrence one night as they ate dinner together. He reached out a consoling hand and placed it […]

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72: “Shanked over a shank”

Joey had accidentally formed a gang. He hadn’t known that’s what he was doing, hence the accidental part, but it had happened nonetheless and now he was in something of a pickle. The worst part was that he didn’t think his accidental gang was actually all that great. Given the opportunity to willfully form his […]

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