38: “Man, I am bad at this”

Tallulah had a bit of a crush on Gord’s brother Jack. She thought he was good-looking and hilarious. For a while, she’d debated whether or not she should act on her feelings, primarily because she didn’t want to mess up the group dynamics. Even though Jack and Cameron hadn’t been in Roehampton for very long, […]

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16: “That’d be a hard no”

Notorious D.I.G., Tallulah’s co-ed recreational volleyball team, had amassed quite a dedicated fanbase. Mostly it consisted of Gavin and Amare whenever they were off work, but also Astrid, Priscilla, and Oscar. Sometimes Joey would come as well, bringing Vinny, who spent more time smoking outside of the gym in his signature tracksuit than he did […]

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40: “Science”

Notorious D.I.G. was taking their intramural co-ed recreational volleyball league by storm. They had won several games and were actually ranked third in their league. Tallulah was honestly impressed with them. She chalked a lot of it up to both Cameron and Finch. They were both very good players and Cameron was also monstrously tall, […]

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