69: “I always want tacos”

Sybil and Chris had been hired to produce the debut album for some guy named Darren who was pretty much everything Sybil hated about people embodied in one singular individual. Chris disliked him even more than she did. Darren wanted to record love songs with his acoustic guitar that were the kind of coffee shop […]

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27: “It’s not like he died”

Suze and Sybil’s best friend from high school, Ye Zhang, moved back to Roehampton after having spent the better part of three years getting her masters in fashion marketing in Calgary. It was something of a snap decision, made in the spur of the moment. Like Suze and Sybil, Ye had grown up in Roehampton […]

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36: “Kanye Wes”

Sybil had found herself becoming a somewhat begrudging friend to Jacklyn, who, as it appeared, had quite abruptly decided to no longer dislike Sybil and in fact, as it would also seem, cherish her deeply. It was bizarre. One minute, Jacklyn was avoiding Sybil at all costs and the next she was inviting her to […]

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