92: “It’ll be okay”

Alison, one of Suze and Karl’s friends from Vancouver, was coming to visit for a week. She was going to stay with Karl, on his couch, since it would be far cheaper for her as opposed to staying at a hotel. Suze could appreciate a bargain. Plus, she really didn’t have the room for Alison […]

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96: “Significantly less cool”

At the start of February, Karl began a new job. It was at a major national broadcasting company and really quite a good gig, except that he was writing script for the early morning news reports. “That’s cool!” Sybil exclaimed when Suze told her about Karl’s new job. “Yeah, it seems cool,” Suze agreed. “Except […]

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99: “You’re very dramatic”

Suze’s life was going pretty well. Things had taken a drastic turn for the better ever since her trip to California. For one thing, that had been amazing and fun. For another, her manager Angela had loved it and Piper had been put in her place. Now Piper was forced to actually evaluate all of […]

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