72: “Be free, little bird!”

One Thursday, as Robin was coming home from work in the late afternoon, he stopped by the record store to say hi. He knew Finch and Tallulah were both working so it was optimal. He tried to avoid going in when either Penny or Evan’s cousin Candace were working. He avoided Candace because she was […]

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11: “She seems dumb”

Emma had been weird the entire time Robin had been at Miles’ birthday party. There was a strong chance she’d been weird even before he’d arrived and he just hadn’t been around to witness it, but she was for sure being weird now that he was there. The last time Robin had seen her had […]

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43: “He’s at church”

Robin was going to church. It was a momentous occasion not for the act of going to church alone, but for the church that he was going to. He frequently went to church with Finch, especially if he stayed over at his apartment on a Saturday night. Finch never missed church so Robin could either […]

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98: “This is beautiful”

Finch’s cousin Matt got married the last weekend of August. Finch had graciously been given a plus one with his invitation, which he in turn graciously accepted. He brought Robin, who was surprisingly thrilled to attend a wedding. Robin hadn’t been to many weddings in his lifetime. Finch assumed he’d never been to a Catholic […]

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