45: “Well shit”

Lawrence’s friends, Georgia and Mickey, were throwing him and Bernie a belated engagement dinner to celebrate with all of their friends. They had asked Bernie for a list of her own friends that she would like to invite and Bernie had put forth her bridesmaids and their respective partners, which meant that Priscilla would be […]

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5: “Occupied?”

Priscilla had been working next to Shannon for a little over three weeks and nothing had improved. She’d been hoping that she’d eventually get used to the sound of her aggressively eating fruits and vegetables, like a perpetually irate woodland creature, but that had not been the case. If anything, it had grown more and […]

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28: “Listen to this man chew!”

Oscar asked Priscilla to dinner and she assumed it was just a regular, everyday friendship-type event until she turned up at the restaurant to find him dressed nicely and sweating. Then she began to worry that he was going to ask her something serious. She had no idea what, perhaps for relationship advice. Maybe he […]

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