89: “That’s awfully bleak”

Priscilla was finding it increasingly difficult to go to work every morning. She still did it obviously; she couldn’t just stop coming in to work. But it was soul crushing. There were a lot of things she had issues with, such as Shannon’s eating and Denise’s loud phone conversations and incessant chatting, but just working […]

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63: “Wow”

Priscilla was merely minding her own business, having a lovely, fun time at Joey and Iggy’s joint birthday party when she had her good mood dashed to pieces by the sight of Jacklyn and Joey kissing in the bathroom. For one thing, Priscilla really needed to pee. For another, it was something she wasn’t supposed […]

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39: “Youths”

The morning after Halloween, Priscilla woke up with an aggressive headache. She hadn’t been truly hungover in a long time, but she was definitely very hungover that morning. From her bed, she could see her blonde Olsen twin wig sitting on her dresser where she’d flung it the previous night. Her overalls were on the […]

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45: “Well shit”

Lawrence’s friends, Georgia and Mickey, were throwing him and Bernie a belated engagement dinner to celebrate with all of their friends. They had asked Bernie for a list of her own friends that she would like to invite and Bernie had put forth her bridesmaids and their respective partners, which meant that Priscilla would be […]

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