30: “Those traps, though”

Melly and David had decided to make games night a monthly thing. As far as Oscar had been aware, it already was. It certainly felt like he spent at least one evening a month playing charades for an excruciatingly long period of time. At least things had improved very slightly with the new addition of […]

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10: “He’s too confident”

Oscar thought Dick was ridiculous for wanting to move out of Roehampton just to avoid Kyle. Oscar was far too dedicated to his home, his stupidly hot, bug-filled hellscape of an apartment, to ever consider moving. Oscar didn’t like moving. He had moved four times in his life. The first time was to university residence […]

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86: “Little buddy?”

Miles’ closest friend and roommate from university, Kyle Kempler, was moving to Roehampton for work. Miles was very excited about this. He and Kyle had been very close throughout university and Miles was looking forward to having him around again so that they could hang out. Miles’ other friends, Oscar included, were less pleased about […]

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