97: “How stupid are you?”

Oscar received an invitation to Katy’s wedding in the mail at the beginning of April. She and Ezra were getting married in September. She’d always wanted to get married in September. When she and Oscar had been together, she’d mentioned it a few times. He was glad she was finally getting the fall wedding of […]

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40: “Succinct and cruel”

Melly and David, against all odds, had come to Iggy and Joey’s joint birthday party. Danielle and Jake had blatantly refused, claiming that they were too old to be behaving the way Iggy wanted them to. Jana and Dan hadn’t come either because they were the biggest homebodies in the world. But Melly and David […]

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28: “Listen to this man chew!”

Oscar asked Priscilla to dinner and she assumed it was just a regular, everyday friendship-type event until she turned up at the restaurant to find him dressed nicely and sweating. Then she began to worry that he was going to ask her something serious. She had no idea what, perhaps for relationship advice. Maybe he […]

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