86: “Little buddy?”

Miles’ closest friend and roommate from university, Kyle Kempler, was moving to Roehampton for work. Miles was very excited about this. He and Kyle had been very close throughout university and Miles was looking forward to having him around again so that they could hang out. Miles’ other friends, Oscar included, were less pleased about […]

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10: “Maybe he has dry eyes”

Danielle and Taylor were moving in together. Taylor had quite recently bought a condo in the heart of the financial district and the two of them were moving in there together. Danielle had graciously allowed to Jake to keep the townhouse they’d bought together in the suburbs. He’d had to get his parents to help […]

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97: “He seems like a crier”

Three weeks into August, Bernie dropped by unannounced to Priscilla’s apartment. Oscar was over, sitting on the living room floor getting a tarot card reading done by Priscilla and Tallulah’s new roommate Astrid. Oscar quite liked Astrid. She was blunt and all of the tarot readings she did for Oscar were beyond gloomy. Sometimes her […]

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82: “What a relief”

The first weekend in August, Oscar drove two hours out of the city to the Bergdorf Hotel and Spa for what he and his friends had affectionately begun referring in their group message as “Danielle and Jake’s Wedding (LOL)”. Obviously, they wouldn’t ever be telling Jake that’s what they were calling it, as he would […]

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