85: “That was dumb”

Miles and Iggy returned to their hotel room following crashing the wedding reception at around one in the morning on Sunday. Iggy immediately peeled off her bridesmaid dress, whining the entire time about how it was so unflattering and so uncomfortable and so expensive. Miles thought she looked genuinely quite lovely, but he generally thought […]

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66: “You are the worst”

Things were tense after Melly and David left for the hospital with Jacklyn and Iggy. They’d been tense before, but at least the distraction of Melly’s labour had deterred from the fact that their other friends’ relationship was essentially unravelling before their very eyes. Priscilla and Helen had scurried off upstairs to the nursery with […]

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41: “What a way to go”

Miles hated his and Iggy’s upstairs neighbours. They had a very tumultuous relationship. They would get into screaming matches every other night, which were immediately followed by incredibly loud make-up sex. On the nights that they weren’t hurling verbal abuse at one another at an incredible volume, they were having even longer, more drawn-out, boring […]

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69: “Gender is a construct”

Iggy and Miles had been roped into helping David and Melly set up their new nursery. She had no idea how it had happened. Melly and David had just finished renovating the second floor of their tiny townhouse so that they would actually have a nursery. Melly didn’t want the new baby and Madison to […]

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