8: “But, hey, you like God”

Joey had seen the forgiving face of Jesus and had come away changed. Granted, it had been a drug-induced hallucination, but it counted. He had given up the high stakes life of drug dealing and had gotten himself a legitimate job. The problem with that was that Joey hadn’t ever really had a legitimate job […]

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98: “Crack is wack”

Joey nearly died for the second time in as many months getting chased down an abandoned park path at three in the morning. He and Vinny were sprinting through the park in effort to get away from Rondheim because Joey had made the mistake of selling crack to people in Rondheim’s territory. Joey knew it […]

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72: “Shanked over a shank”

Joey had accidentally formed a gang. He hadn’t known that’s what he was doing, hence the accidental part, but it had happened nonetheless and now he was in something of a pickle. The worst part was that he didn’t think his accidental gang was actually all that great. Given the opportunity to willfully form his […]

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