41: “Party’s here!”

Joey and Robin stopped on their way to Gord’s party at a liquor store so Robin could buy some beer. Joey, who already had a bottle of his nona’s homemade wine and a bottle of vodka with him, waited outside the store for Robin to pay and leave. He was just minding his own business, […]

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17: “All of them are stupid”

Joey was in crisis. Not really. He’d been in real crises before. One time, he’d nearly drowned in a partially frozen river. Months before that, he’d been slashed across the chest by an enormous thug with a knife. His current situation was significantly less of a crisis than either of those had been, and yet […]

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25: “Then your internal body temperature is the same as hot lava”

One week into October, Oscar hosted himself a birthday party at his swelteringly hot apartment. The heat had eased slightly since the temperature outside had begun to drop, but having several people crammed into his small apartment didn’t as such help to keep the temperature cool. Dick had dressed in layers specifically. Somewhere along the […]

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14: “Sweet, innocent boy”

Jacklyn’s roommate Dick was Joey’s new favourite person and not only because his name was Dick. Dick had a big black beard, he had a snake tattoo on the inside of his right arm, and he told people that he smoked socially, but he definitely smoked when he was alone as well. When Joey found […]

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