76: “That’s just ridiculous”

Jemima had come to the realization, very, very begrudgingly, that she and Noel were not as such working out. They barely saw each other anymore, except at work, and communicating with him was just as confusing and difficult as it always had been, even before they were a couple. That was another issue. She didn’t […]

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40: “Sports bra emergency”

Jemima had been taking yoga for a couple weeks, each time setting her mat down next to Sylvie’s in the very front row. On the plus side, she felt she was improving so she no longer needed to feel self-conscious being up at the front of the class. “I’m getting much better,” she said enthusiastically […]

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7: “This is why we march!”

Jemima and Noel were dating for real and this time Jemima knew it was actually happening. It was lovely. They ate lunch together, sometimes alone and other times with her friends. They went on dates that she actually knew were dates. There weren’t any random strangers tagging along and she had yet to trip over […]

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99: “Dave is gorgeous”

Jacklyn came over unexpectedly one night while Jemima was at home painting her toenails. She had chosen a sherbet orange colour that she wasn’t actually sure she liked very much, but she was trying to get in the summer mood. It was April, it was slightly less dreary than it had been for months, and […]

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64: “He’s keen”

Jemima met a guy. His name was Trent and she met him in line to get a burrito. He was very sweet. He told her he liked her boots and then spent the rest of the wait in the line chatting to her until he finally asked her for her number. Jemima normally didn’t give […]

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