75: “Just dandy”

Jacklyn left her apartment on a Sunday afternoon at the same time as Gord was leaving his own apartment across the hall. He was dressed nicely, nicer than usual, and he looked quite solemn. Naturally, Jacklyn didn’t ask about it. They weren’t friends. At best, if pressed, she would describe them as frenemies. She supposed […]

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89: “Josh Brolin?”

Jacklyn felt she was really achieving her goal to grow as a person. She had become particularly good about talking herself down from fits of jealousy every time Amare and Jocelyn so much as spoke to one another. She realized this was basic everyday stuff for most people, but it was a major improvement for […]

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19: “Holy water, love?”

On Halloween, Jacklyn went to Melly and David’s incredibly tame party. It was her own fault. She had been invited to go to Oscar’s Halloween party at the indirect invitation of Iggy, who had also been invited to Melly and David’s. She, however, immediately declined in favour of what was sure to be a much […]

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