36: “You should just move”

Jacklyn had been seeing Aaron again for a couple of weeks and things were going really well. She liked him a lot and she realized that she had missed him since they’d broken up. And, now that her roommate was Dick and not a very beautiful woman, she didn’t feel she had any reason to […]

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7: “Sort of”

After the personal disaster that was her birthday celebration weekend, Jacklyn had come to the decision that she needed to at least talk to Joey about their relationship. She didn’t really want to because she was afraid of upsetting the delicate balance between them, but she realized she would need to address it at some […]

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25: “Then your internal body temperature is the same as hot lava”

One week into October, Oscar hosted himself a birthday party at his swelteringly hot apartment. The heat had eased slightly since the temperature outside had begun to drop, but having several people crammed into his small apartment didn’t as such help to keep the temperature cool. Dick had dressed in layers specifically. Somewhere along the […]

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75: “Just dandy”

Jacklyn left her apartment on a Sunday afternoon at the same time as Gord was leaving his own apartment across the hall. He was dressed nicely, nicer than usual, and he looked quite solemn. Naturally, Jacklyn didn’t ask about it. They weren’t friends. At best, if pressed, she would describe them as frenemies. She supposed […]

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