84: “You eat too many avocados”

Melly and David’s party turned even wilder once Danielle and Taylor had arrived. Iggy assumed that it was just everyone’s desperate bid to pretend nothing out of the ordinary was happening. It involved a significant increase in alcohol consumption. Jake led the charge. He flew out of David and Melly’s tiny den on a mission, […]

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34: “This has been wild”

Iggy caught up with Jemima on the balcony outside. Dick was out there as well, smoking in his scandalously tight police officer uniform. He’d bought it at some sort of adult shop, which seemed evident by the fact that the pants were tearaways. They were made for very easy access. There was another person with […]

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85: “That was dumb”

Miles and Iggy returned to their hotel room following crashing the wedding reception at around one in the morning on Sunday. Iggy immediately peeled off her bridesmaid dress, whining the entire time about how it was so unflattering and so uncomfortable and so expensive. Miles thought she looked genuinely quite lovely, but he generally thought […]

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65: “I’ll get the bags”

Melly and David had their friends over for dinner one Friday night, the week before Melly’s due date so that they could have one final night out without the burden of children. “You already have a child,” Iggy pointed out when Melly called to invite her. Melly sighed and Iggy could basically feel her frustration […]

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47: “She has monkey feet”

Iggy hadn’t really met many of Lawrence’s friends before. She had met him and that had seemed like enough. And then she had met his cousin Gene, who was his best man, and that had seemed like even more than enough. But now she had met the rest of Lawrence’s close friends and she didn’t […]

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20: “This is the single most dramatic thing I have ever been a part of and I’m honestly so impressed”

At the beginning of June, Iggy and her friends from high school got invited to a party being hosted by their former prom king, Tim Marcote, at a bar that he had rented for the night. Tim had been voted prom king genuinely because he was the most liked guy at their school. He was […]

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