81: “Hey, buddy”

In some bizarre twist of fate that Helen couldn’t even begin to explain, she had found herself trapped in Melly and David’s minuscule den with a very upset Jake. At least Carey was there as well. On the other hand, the den was really small and the three of them were having a hard time […]

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71: “What an experience this is”

Helen’s mother, Janet, asked her to take her grandfather Harold to the doctor for his yearly checkup. Normally, Janet or her sister Dianne would’ve done it, but both were busy on the date. Dianne’s three children were, as Janet explained, likewise indisposed. “But they’re not actually,” Helen complained to Priscilla and Iggy over coffee two […]

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53: “How did you survive?”

Helen had been seeing Carey for quite a while and she had grown very fond of him. He was funny, charming, and handsome. He treated her nicely and he got along with all of her friends. He was intensely competitive, which was startling at times, but Priscilla at least found it admirable. “He also isn’t […]

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42: “What are you, a nun?”

Helen managed to get herself a job. It had taken an unbelievable amount of time, during which she had interviewed all over with the strangest people for the worst jobs. Initially, she had been quite selective, only applying to jobs in her field or things that genuinely interested her. By the end, she had been […]

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15: “I could slap that woman”

The planning for Danielle’s wedding was already well on its way. Helen had completely stopped referring to it as Danielle and Jake’s wedding because she felt that no part of it was actually Jake’s. He was essentially just a necessary aspect for there to be a wedding at all and not much more. Sometimes Helen […]

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