63: “You’re not a bright lad”

The Fucking Mouthfuls had booked their first official gig. Harry had managed to get it by endearing himself to Noel and the rest of Rattlesnake and then subsequently charming them into making The Fucking Mouthfuls their opening band for a show they were having at a fairly large club just outside downtown Roehampton. The club, […]

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40: “Trash pandas”

At the end of April, Gord threw himself a birthday party at his apartment with the help of his roommates and Bobby. Bobby was the most helpful, obviously. Getting Gavin to help in a constructive manner was like trying to herd cats, which Gord knew a lot about because he had also tried to herd […]

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75: “Why are you here?”

Gord went to his mother’s house for Christmas, bringing Jack and Cameron with him. He offered to drive, mostly because he found Jack’s driving frankly terrifying. He claimed that it was because they didn’t need to take the van when it was just the three of them. “Bullshit,” Jack said. “You just want to listen […]

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32: “Shut it, Gordonzola”

Once again, Gord celebrated Halloween at Oscar’s blisteringly hot apartment. This time, however, he’d been invited by Oscar himself, as a fellow member of Nazari and The Animals. Also, this year he hadn’t come with Janine. Instead, he had come with Bobby and his roommates, including his temporary roommates, Jack and Cameron. Bobby was delighted […]

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15: “Ugh Jack”

At the end of September, Gord got a message from his younger brother Jack, asking if he could stay with Gord for a couple days. Instantly, Gord knew that it would be much longer than a couple days. He’d also been expecting the message because his mother had phoned to warn him that Jack would […]

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