90: “They’re on fire now”

2018 was shaping up to be a rough year for Frank and he was only a couple weeks in. New Year’s had left something of a bitter taste in his mouth. Sabrina was furious at him. She alternated between telling him this during increasingly violent voicemail messages and a couple days of worrying silence. The […]

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74: “What a dork”

Frank had gone home for Christmas. It was the first Christmas in his entire life that his grandfather wasn’t there. It was, in general, terrible. He and his mother were alone in her house, which was still full of his grandfather’s things and other things that reminded Frank of him. The entire house actually reminded […]

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58: “Warmest regards”

Frank was having a weird time at Joey and Iggy’s joint birthday party. He’d brought it on himself, he could recognize that. It didn’t make it any less weird, though. He was having a hard time working out how he’d come to be where he was. He was sitting on Joey and Robin’s couch between […]

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70: “I might never leave”

Frank’s apartment had grown empty. Well, aside from the billions of fruit flies. It was so warm, hotter than it ever had been, moving into July that it was nearly unbearable. Oscar, clearly having grown tired of lying on the kitchen floor at night in a largely futile attempt to get cool, had started spending […]

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