98: “This is beautiful”

Finch’s cousin Matt got married the last weekend of August. Finch had graciously been given a plus one with his invitation, which he in turn graciously accepted. He brought Robin, who was surprisingly thrilled to attend a wedding. Robin hadn’t been to many weddings in his lifetime. Finch assumed he’d never been to a Catholic […]

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18: “One foot in the grave”

One Sunday after church, while Finch was waiting for Gord to gather up his stuff so that they could leave, he was approached by Gord’s ex-fling Myrtle. Finch had no interest in talking to her, much like he had no interest in talking to anyone. Joey was sitting next to him, flipping through one of […]

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81: “Asking for a friend”

Robin occasionally stayed over at Finch’s apartment. Sometimes they stayed at his instead, but other times they didn’t feel like telling Vinny they didn’t want to buy a television. If Robin stayed over at Finch’s on a Saturday, they went to church in the morning. Robin hadn’t gone to church much growing up. His mother […]

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