51: “You’re useless”

Dick was having a weird weekend. When David had texted him to invite him to Melly’s aunt’s lake house for the weekend, Dick had assumed he would be either sleeping in a room by himself or sleeping in a room with several other people, possibly on the floor. That was generally his experience when he […]

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36: “They are so weird”

Melly and David invited Dick over for dinner and games one night at the beginning of September. Dick was apprehensive to begin with and then he learned that neither Oscar nor Miles had been invited as well. “Why was I the only one?” Dick asked them while they were out at a pub one night. […]

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14: “Everybody join in!”

Dick brought Zhu, his co-worker and temporary roommate, with him to Bobby and Astrid’s birthday party. He’d been bringing him along to enough stuff with the Notorious D.I.G. crowd prior to that point that Bobby had begun blessing him with her classic nicknames anyway. Besides, had he not brought him., Zhu would’ve been sitting at […]

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42: “I’m a godly man”

Dick was standing next to Aaron and Jacklyn when Joey and Robin burst into the apartment looking extremely worse for wear. Robin looked stunned and slightly confused, as if he couldn’t quite work out where he was or why he was there. Joey looked like he’d lost a fight with a woodchipper. Dick noticed Jacklyn […]

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9: “How’s it hanging?”

Dick was trying to avoid several people at Miles’ birthday party and it was proving rather difficult inside Miles and Iggy’s normal-sized apartment. They actually had a fairly decent-sized place, which was rare for a one-bedroom apartment in the city. Because there were two of them, they could afford to pay slightly more for a […]

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