80: “Alcoholism?”

Dick had chosen to attend Finch’s birthday party rather than David and Melly’s New Year’s party. When he’d told David, via Facebook message, that he wouldn’t be able to attend, David had attempted to bribe him into coming by telling him there would be chilli. Dick, who was fairly certain there would be chilli at […]

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60: “Mostly it was accidental”

Dick officially had enough secrets to deal with. None of them were even his. He wasn’t interested in other people’s secrets. They were complicated and difficult to keep. Presently he was keeping too many and it had reached a very confusing peak. Firstly, he was pretending to keep Jacklyn’s secret that she was seeing Joey. […]

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25: “Then your internal body temperature is the same as hot lava”

One week into October, Oscar hosted himself a birthday party at his swelteringly hot apartment. The heat had eased slightly since the temperature outside had begun to drop, but having several people crammed into his small apartment didn’t as such help to keep the temperature cool. Dick had dressed in layers specifically. Somewhere along the […]

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77: “She has so few good qualities”

Jake, perhaps unsurprisingly, was devastated following the end of his relationship with Danielle. It had indeed come to an end, rife with dramatics and many hurt feelings. Danielle had returned the engagement ring he’d given her, though not without a lot of coercing. Jake had already returned it to the jewellery store that he’d originally […]

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