97: “Have some yogurt”

The lease on Chris’ apartment was coming up and he didn’t know what to do about it. He could renew the lease and continue to pretend that he lived there, even though he spent almost all of his time at Sybil’s place. Or he could just bite the bullet and move in with Sybil entirely. […]

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19: “But if Tom throws himself off the bluffs in despair, it’s on your head”

Every year, the record label put on a day of concerts to highlight the artists attached to the label in order to garner public interest and funding. Every year Chris had worked at the label, the event hadn’t been especially thrilling. Tom the weepy folk singer was definitely the label’s most long-term, talented artist and […]

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93: “We’re forming a band!”

Harry called Chris in the middle of January and told him to come over to his penthouse condo. He also said it was an emergency. Chris could hear him chewing on the other end of the line, something that sounded suspiciously like a banana, so Chris wasn’t sure he believed the urgency. Nevertheless, he made […]

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45: “You’re a mess”

Chris had been roped into helping Conor move and he had literally no idea how it had happened. Harry had invited him over to hang out and then, before Chris really understood what was happening, he was helping Conor move his things into one of Harry’s penthouse’s many spare rooms. On top of that, he […]

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20: “Did I murder someone?”

Chris’ famous cousin Harry turned twenty-three at the end of September and demanded a party. More accurately, he demanded that Chris come and get drunk with him and his bandmate Conor. Harry had invited his other bandmates as well, but tensions had run high since the band had broken up so Conor was the only […]

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