13: “He’s the Second Wu”

Bernie and Lawrence hosted Bernie and Priscilla’s joint birthday party the second weekend in May. She and Lawrence had the space plus, as Priscilla claimed, she was tired of having people in her apartment. “I spend so much time playing host to you people,” she complained during the official party planning committee meeting. Essentially, Bernie, […]

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83: “It’s truly a blessing”

Bernie liked shopping. She did not like shopping with her mother. That made shopping for a wedding dress something of a challenge. Ultimately, she and her mother were too similar. Bernie didn’t know many people who wanted to be exactly like their mothers and she was no exception. She went out of her way to […]

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60: “Bernie Wu!”

Bernie and Lawrence hosted a New Year’s party at their place. They invited friends and told friends to invite friends and then their home was full of a massive number of people, a lot of whom Bernie didn’t actually recognize. A large part of her hadn’t actually been expecting so many of her friends to […]

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20: “You look so funny!”

Bernie and Lawrence were invited to his friends’ Mickey and Georgia’s for a Halloween party. They accepted the invitation just two days before Bernie was invited to Oscar and Ramsay’s Halloween party, the party that all of her other friends were attending. Mickey and Georgia’s guest list included Carla and Roisin, who were back together […]

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