55: “Best not to dwell on it”

Following the needlepoint debacle, Bear had made a promise to himself not to let Jemima rope him into doing something else like that. It wasn’t that he minded spending time with her or even needlepoint itself, but he could very easily see it getting out of hand. Before he knew it, they would be drinking […]

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11: “Or a tape worm”

For reasons very unclear to Bear, he had ended up as one of Jemima’s main sources of support following hers and Noel’s break-up. He supposed he had been there for the relationship in its entirety, but that didn’t make it any less puzzling. She was certainly determined to make their friendship work, to follow through […]

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73: “Please?”

Jemima wasn’t sure things with Trent were working out. As it turned out, he was just as keen as Sybil had said he was. Apparently, that was something Jemima found irritating. He paid too much attention to her. Everything in his life seemed to revolve around her, which was too much considering how short of […]

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