40: “Science”

Notorious D.I.G. was taking their intramural co-ed recreational volleyball league by storm. They had won several games and were actually ranked third in their league. Tallulah was honestly impressed with them. She chalked a lot of it up to both Cameron and Finch. They were both very good players and Cameron was also monstrously tall, […]

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39: “Youths”

The morning after Halloween, Priscilla woke up with an aggressive headache. She hadn’t been truly hungover in a long time, but she was definitely very hungover that morning. From her bed, she could see her blonde Olsen twin wig sitting on her dresser where she’d flung it the previous night. Her overalls were on the […]

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38: “That seems extreme”

Miles was having a great time at the Halloween party. He was dressed as bacon in a very flattering costume. It was flattering in its shapelessness. No one could tell what Miles looked like underneath his fake bacon exterior. It was relieving. He had abandoned all of his inhibitions and he was cutting shapes into […]

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34: “This has been wild”

Iggy caught up with Jemima on the balcony outside. Dick was out there as well, smoking in his scandalously tight police officer uniform. He’d bought it at some sort of adult shop, which seemed evident by the fact that the pants were tearaways. They were made for very easy access. There was another person with […]

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32: “Shut it, Gordonzola”

Once again, Gord celebrated Halloween at Oscar’s blisteringly hot apartment. This time, however, he’d been invited by Oscar himself, as a fellow member of Nazari and The Animals. Also, this year he hadn’t come with Janine. Instead, he had come with Bobby and his roommates, including his temporary roommates, Jack and Cameron. Bobby was delighted […]

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31: “What a dud”

Somehow, Jemima had managed not to realize that she would still be seeing Noel every day at work after they broke up, even though she had broken things off outside the men’s room while at work. It was unfortunate. She imagined it would be painful to continue seeing the other person every single weekday after […]

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