81: “God, this is depressing”

Ye’s birthday was on July 18th. She was turning twenty-seven. She was in a rather transitional period of her life for this particular birthday so she wasn’t quite certain about how things were going to turn out. At her last birthday party, she had rented a bar, which had been full of people there to […]

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77: “She has so few good qualities”

Jake, perhaps unsurprisingly, was devastated following the end of his relationship with Danielle. It had indeed come to an end, rife with dramatics and many hurt feelings. Danielle had returned the engagement ring he’d given her, though not without a lot of coercing. Jake had already returned it to the jewellery store that he’d originally […]

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76: “That’s just ridiculous”

Jemima had come to the realization, very, very begrudgingly, that she and Noel were not as such working out. They barely saw each other anymore, except at work, and communicating with him was just as confusing and difficult as it always had been, even before they were a couple. That was another issue. She didn’t […]

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75: “Just dandy”

Jacklyn left her apartment on a Sunday afternoon at the same time as Gord was leaving his own apartment across the hall. He was dressed nicely, nicer than usual, and he looked quite solemn. Naturally, Jacklyn didn’t ask about it. They weren’t friends. At best, if pressed, she would describe them as frenemies. She supposed […]

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