33: “He gets gassy”

Against her better judgement, Tallulah had offered to babysit her niece and nephew for an afternoon while her older sister Cynthia was in the city running errands. She said running errands, but Tallulah had checked her phone calendar when Cynthia had left it unattended to go the washroom and she was getting mani-pedis with her […]

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31: “Sorry?”

Ramsay had gotten a membership at Frank’s terrifying gym and it was mostly due to Gym Crush, the beautiful woman he’d seen there the first time he’d gone with Frank. He would never be admitting that out loud to anybody ever though. Frank was pleased because he’d gained a gym buddy. In fact, Frank was […]

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30: “Only crazy people frolic”

As a belated birthday gift, Rosalyn’s mother got her a group painting class coupon. Her mother, ever scatter-brained, dropped it off at Rosalyn’s apartment with a card and a crisp ten dollar bill. Her mother literally said the words “don’t spend it all in one place” as if that would even be possible. “You’ll have […]

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28: “How uncomfortable”

Yusuf Nazari worked at a local radio station, Roehampton Radio Company or RRC AM. He’d been working there for five years and he had amassed three separate radio shows. He hosted the early weekday morning show, which was called Breakfast with Rocking Rob and Wild Wes, wherein he was Rocking Rob and his producer Wes […]

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27: “It’s not like he died”

Suze and Sybil’s best friend from high school, Ye Zhang, moved back to Roehampton after having spent the better part of three years getting her masters in fashion marketing in Calgary. It was something of a snap decision, made in the spur of the moment. Like Suze and Sybil, Ye had grown up in Roehampton […]

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