96: “It seems pretty on brand for you actually”

Janine from Customer Relations was angry with Bobby, which Bobby knew because she had never seen Janine from Customer Relations so often in her life and, each time she saw her, it seemed to be an opportunity for Janine to glare at Bobby for an uncomfortably long time. Bobby let it go for about a week, thinking that maybe she was reading into things. But then it continued and Bobby began to think that she was reading exactly what she was meant to into it. She brought it up to Mo at lunch one day.

“Moey Tribiani, have you noticed that Janine from Customer Relations is glaring at me?” Bobby asked, chewing thoughtfully on her sandwich.

“Why would I have noticed that?” Mo replied, frowning slightly.

“Well, start paying attention, Moey Lawrence,” Bobby told her.

Later that afternoon, Janine happened by Bobby’s cubicle yet again. She glared at Bobby the entire time she was walking past, which was especially awkward because Bobby was pretty sure she slowed down on purpose so that it would be prolonged. Bobby tried to avoid eye contact, but it was like being sucked involuntarily into a black hole. She couldn’t look away. Mo buzzed over to Bobby’s desk the moment Janine was gone.

“Holy shit,” she breathed into the phone in awe. “What is that? Why does she hate you? What did you do?”

“I don’t know, Mojito,” Bobby answered. “But it’s creepy as fuck.”

“Well clearly you’ve done something,” Mo returned.

“I don’t think that we should really be blaming me,” Bobby huffed. “I think we should blame Janine for whatever her problem is.”

“Maybe you were mean to her for no reason,” Mo suggested.

“I would never, Vincent Van Mogh,” Bobby scoffed indignantly.

“It seems pretty on brand for you actually,” Mo hummed.

“Thanks for your help,” Bobby said sarcastically.

“You’re welcome,” Mo replied.

“I wasn’t being serious, Mona Lisa!” Bobby hissed in response, but Mo just hung up on her.

A couple days later, Gord invited Bobby over to go out with him and his roommates. He was hosting a small pre-drink at his apartment that he invited Bobby to come to, saying she could invite anyone she wanted to. Bobby brought Mo and Jemima, who grew more and more excited the closer they got to the apartment building where Gord lived.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she said as they ascended the stairs to Gord’s floor. “Your friend Gord is my friend Jacklyn’s arch-nemesis.”

“Arch-nemesis?” Bobby repeated dubiously, frowning.

“He keeps trying to steal her cat,” Jemima explained brightly.

“Weird, but alright,” Bobby replied.

When they arrived at Gord’s apartment, it turned out that Jacklyn was actually there. Apparently she was dating one of Gord’s friends, but Gord wasn’t happy about it. That was his literal phrasing while he was introducing everyone. The other people there were Gord’s two roommates, Gavin and Finch, and Finch’s boyfriend Robin, who had brought along Joey, a man in a white tank top and a gold chain. He had a black eye and a split lip and he spent a lot of time telling everybody about the gigantic scar across his chest that he’d gotten from a drug deal gone wrong.

“He is remarkably proud of that,” Bobby commented to Gord.

“He is,” Gord agreed.

“He looks like that guy from ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’, but if he had a drug problem,” Bobby mused, looking at Joey’s profile. He was trying to feed Finch’s cat popcorn to little success.

“Joseph Gordon-Levitt?” Gord asked.

“No, the other one,” Bobby answered.

“Heath Ledger,” Gord said.

“No,” Bobby shot Gord an exasperated look.

“In my defense, those are the two guys in ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’,” he returned. “What does he look like?”

“He looks like Joey,” Bobby rolled her eyes. Gord gave her a flat look. Mo happened to walk by at that moment, on her way back to Jemima with a couple ciders. Bobby reached out and stopped her.

“Who’s that guy from ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ that Joey looks like?” Bobby asked.

“Andrew Keegan,” Mo answered without hesitation.

“Andrew Keegan!” Bobby agreed, releasing Mo and turning triumphantly to Gord, who continued to give her a flat look.

“I still don’t know who that is,” he told her eventually.

“He’s Andrew Keegan,” Bobby said by way of clarification. She wasn’t sure it was so helpful.

“Useless,” Gord muttered under his breath.

Over the next couple days, Bobby continued to hang out with Gord. Sometimes they would just message one another, but it was always nice to hear from him. Bobby had grown quite fond. She figured she would ask him out soon. He hadn’t gotten around to asking her out yet, but as it was 2017 and Bobby was her own person, she was going to do it.

And then her ex-boyfriend Will came back to the city. They had broken up a year previously when he left to join the navy. Bobby had been deeply in love and she’d only let him go because he had said it would be better for her. He wanted her to be able to move on with her life while he was out on the ocean swabbing decks and what not. He messaged her to tell her he was back in the city for good and to ask if she wanted to get together. She agreed and they met for dinner, at which point he explained that he was leaving the navy and returning to the city for good. He also tentatively asked her if there was anybody else and Bobby wasn’t entirely sure how to answer. Technically, there wasn’t. It had been a whole year since she and Will had been together, but that didn’t really mean that she loved him any less than she had before he’d gone. It had taken her the entire year to even consider dating someone else.

“I’m not sure what to do, Moba Fett,” Bobby said later that evening, sitting on the couch in their shared living room with Madge cradled against her chest. Louis was sitting tantalisingly just out of reach as he was prone to do, lashing his tail back and forth and alternatively glaring at Bobby and Mo. He was disgusted with Madge. He was always disgusted with her when she gave in to human companionship. Louis quite clearly felt he was better than that.

“Maybe one of them will die,” Mo offered. She said it quite cheerily, as if she honestly thought that would help Bobby. Bobby was rather concerned for her for a long moment before she realized that it would inevitably solve at least most of her problem.

“Maybe,” she said solemnly.


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