5: “Occupied?”

Priscilla had been working next to Shannon for a little over three weeks and nothing had improved. She’d been hoping that she’d eventually get used to the sound of her aggressively eating fruits and vegetables, like a perpetually irate woodland creature, but that had not been the case. If anything, it had grown more and […]

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2: “He’s Gord 2.0.”

Gord’s life was a little bit shit at the moment. That’s not to say it wasn’t always a little bit shit; it just seemed to be a little bit more shit than normal. For starters, he’d played yet another birthday party in which he’d been forced to perform Taylor Swift songs. This time, however, it […]

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99: “Dave is gorgeous”

Jacklyn came over unexpectedly one night while Jemima was at home painting her toenails. She had chosen a sherbet orange colour that she wasn’t actually sure she liked very much, but she was trying to get in the summer mood. It was April, it was slightly less dreary than it had been for months, and […]

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98: “Crack is wack”

Joey nearly died for the second time in as many months getting chased down an abandoned park path at three in the morning. He and Vinny were sprinting through the park in effort to get away from Rondheim because Joey had made the mistake of selling crack to people in Rondheim’s territory. Joey knew it […]

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97: “How stupid are you?”

Oscar received an invitation to Katy’s wedding in the mail at the beginning of April. She and Ezra were getting married in September. She’d always wanted to get married in September. When she and Oscar had been together, she’d mentioned it a few times. He was glad she was finally getting the fall wedding of […]

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