73: “Please?”

Jemima wasn’t sure things with Trent were working out. As it turned out, he was just as keen as Sybil had said he was. Apparently, that was something Jemima found irritating. He paid too much attention to her. Everything in his life seemed to revolve around her, which was too much considering how short of […]

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72: “Shanked over a shank”

Joey had accidentally formed a gang. He hadn’t known that’s what he was doing, hence the accidental part, but it had happened nonetheless and now he was in something of a pickle. The worst part was that he didn’t think his accidental gang was actually all that great. Given the opportunity to willfully form his […]

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70: “Wino forever”

Chris and Savannah had taken her son Brady to the aquarium. They’d been there for a grand total of twenty minutes and already it was headed straight to shit. Chris blamed this on Brady, who surely blamed it on Chris. And Savannah was furious. Chris felt that most of the issues were derived from Brady’s […]

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69: “Gender is a construct”

Iggy and Miles had been roped into helping David and Melly set up their new nursery. She had no idea how it had happened. Melly and David had just finished renovating the second floor of their tiny townhouse so that they would actually have a nursery. Melly didn’t want the new baby and Madison to […]

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