52: “Was that not helpful?”

Suze woke up in Santa Barbara, had yet another donut for breakfast, and then drove everyone in the van to the waterfront where they walked Stearn’s Wharf and had ice cream, also for breakfast. “I’m going to come back to Canada weighing, like, a hundred pounds more than I did when I left,” Suze remarked […]

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47: “She has monkey feet”

Iggy hadn’t really met many of Lawrence’s friends before. She had met him and that had seemed like enough. And then she had met his cousin Gene, who was his best man, and that had seemed like even more than enough. But now she had met the rest of Lawrence’s close friends and she didn’t […]

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45: “Well shit”

Lawrence’s friends, Georgia and Mickey, were throwing him and Bernie a belated engagement dinner to celebrate with all of their friends. They had asked Bernie for a list of her own friends that she would like to invite and Bernie had put forth her bridesmaids and their respective partners, which meant that Priscilla would be […]

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