99: “You’re very dramatic”

Suze’s life was going pretty well. Things had taken a drastic turn for the better ever since her trip to California. For one thing, that had been amazing and fun. For another, her manager Angela had loved it and Piper had been put in her place. Now Piper was forced to actually evaluate all of […]

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98: “This is beautiful”

Finch’s cousin Matt got married the last weekend of August. Finch had graciously been given a plus one with his invitation, which he in turn graciously accepted. He brought Robin, who was surprisingly thrilled to attend a wedding. Robin hadn’t been to many weddings in his lifetime. Finch assumed he’d never been to a Catholic […]

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97: “He seems like a crier”

Three weeks into August, Bernie dropped by unannounced to Priscilla’s apartment. Oscar was over, sitting on the living room floor getting a tarot card reading done by Priscilla and Tallulah’s new roommate Astrid. Oscar quite liked Astrid. She was blunt and all of the tarot readings she did for Oscar were beyond gloomy. Sometimes her […]

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