29: “This is humiliating”

Bobby somehow managed to get an invitation to Gavin’s fiancee Lauren’s bachelorette party. “How?” She asked Gord after the Facebook invitation came through. “How? I barely know Lauren.” “Maybe she’s trying to be nice,” Gord shrugged. Bobby gave him a flat look. “Again,” she said pointedly. “How?” But Gord didn’t have an answer for her. […]

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28: “The fun we have”

Rattlesnake came through Roehampton on their cross country tour. The Roehampton show, their homecoming show, was a big deal. It seemed even crazier then that Noel had been working at a regular office job, editing stupid online periodicals, mere weeks before he left on the biggest tour of his music career. Rattlesnake had been taking […]

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26: “Are you ill?”

In a show of good will, Bernie suggested to Lawrence that they invite over his friends for dinner. When she brought it up, Lawrence gave her the most skeptical look he could muster. “Are you ill?” He asked her. She glared at him. “I’m being nice,” she told him firmly. The angry tone really undermined […]

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25: “That was weirdly tense, no?”

Melly invited Helen and Carey over for dinner one night. Helen had been expecting to be tricked into babysitting. She was bracing herself. But then they showed up at Melly and David’s townhouse and learned that it was actually worse. “Danielle was there,” Helen relayed to Priscilla, Sloane, and Iggy after jazzercise one night. Sloane […]

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