45: “Think of the children!”

At the beginning of May, the laundry room in Priscilla’s building caught fire. Someone had failed to clean out the lint trap after washing what turned out to be four very large, cat hair-covered loads of laundry. If Priscilla had been a betting woman, she would’ve put her money on the woman on the first […]

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44: “And I’ll water your dumb plants”

At the beginning of May, Yusuf, and the rest of the Animals, got offered a spot on tour opening for a glam-rock hair band called Diablo Diablo! The frontman, Juan Carlos, called Yusuf personally. Yusuf told Juan Carlos that he would have to talk it over with the rest of the band and get back […]

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43: “Like a chubby Christina Aguilera”

Miles was growing more and more concerned about his father’s mid-life crisis by the day.  He’d never spent so much time talking to his father in his life. It wasn’t as if they weren’t close. Miles had always gotten along with his parents, even while he was going through his awkward, angst-ridden teenage years. His […]

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42: “I’m a godly man”

Dick was standing next to Aaron and Jacklyn when Joey and Robin burst into the apartment looking extremely worse for wear. Robin looked stunned and slightly confused, as if he couldn’t quite work out where he was or why he was there. Joey looked like he’d lost a fight with a woodchipper. Dick noticed Jacklyn […]

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41: “Party’s here!”

Joey and Robin stopped on their way to Gord’s party at a liquor store so Robin could buy some beer. Joey, who already had a bottle of his nona’s homemade wine and a bottle of vodka with him, waited outside the store for Robin to pay and leave. He was just minding his own business, […]

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40: “Trash pandas”

At the end of April, Gord threw himself a birthday party at his apartment with the help of his roommates and Bobby. Bobby was the most helpful, obviously. Getting Gavin to help in a constructive manner was like trying to herd cats, which Gord knew a lot about because he had also tried to herd […]

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39: “We’re like a herd of Amazons”

It had been months since Iggy and Miles had gotten engaged. It had actually been about half a year and they still hadn’t made much progress with the wedding planning. This was mostly down to Iggy. She tended to get anxious about what she considered major life decisions, especially if she was given enough time […]

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38: “Man, I am bad at this”

Tallulah had a bit of a crush on Gord’s brother Jack. She thought he was good-looking and hilarious. For a while, she’d debated whether or not she should act on her feelings, primarily because she didn’t want to mess up the group dynamics. Even though Jack and Cameron hadn’t been in Roehampton for very long, […]

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37: “Hey, man, why do your pants have so many pockets?”

Robin got hired full-time at the website design firm where he’d previously been working part-time. He had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, he had to quit working at the record store. Robin had really enjoyed that. It was so low-stress and he got to spend so much time rearranging Fleetwood Mac records […]

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36: “You should just move”

Jacklyn had been seeing Aaron again for a couple of weeks and things were going really well. She liked him a lot and she realized that she had missed him since they’d broken up. And, now that her roommate was Dick and not a very beautiful woman, she didn’t feel she had any reason to […]

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